The GFcrew Kit


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This is the GFcrew kit which contains everything you need to successfully make money with action photography. The kit contains the following:

  • 100 VIP Lanyards
  • 100 Marketing Flyers
  • 100 Card Envelopes
  • 100 Yellow Bands
  • 1 Event Photo Vest
  • 1 Square Reader (Lightning Port or Headphone Port)

NOTE: We highly recommend that you upgrade to the Square Contactless and Chip Reader. Due to new banking regulations and as stated in the CaptureLife terms and conditions you will be liable for any charge backs or fraud claims from your customers. This reader is readily available at Amazon online or in store at Best Buy for about $40.

Additional Information
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 03 in

Lightning Port, Headphone Jack

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